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The "Monopoly of Pavia": a board game about the city of Pavia, inspired by the beauty and secrets of the city.

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In 2013, the New York Times defined Pavia as the "Capital of gambling". Thanks to some initiatives from the local government the situation is slowly improving. One of these projects is the creation of a board game on the city of Pavia, an initiative with the aim of reviving healthy play and trying to counter increasingly widespread gambling habits, especially among young people.


Starteed provides an expert experience with an advanced CSS / JS editor, through which it is possible to customize the visual elements of your campaign to align the style to your project. Ticinum has been able to take advantage of this advanced functionality independently and has given a touch of personalised style to its campaign.



Given the unexpected success of the first edition of the game, the boys of Ticinum have decided to launch a reprint of the game through a new campaign, taking full advantage of the space hosted on Starteed technology. In this way they could use a single link to share both, and to manage data and content from a single panel.


One of the advantages of crowdfunding with Starteed is the ability to have product validation before you've even started production costs and proposed it to the direct beneficiaries. Through a rich reward scheme, Ticinum gave donors the opportunity to purchase the game in preview, thus verifying both the validity of the project and the exact number of copies to be sent to production.


Thanks to Starteed's advanced control panel, the platform and individual campaign administrators can manage the projects in real time, including transactions and contact requests from users. The dashboard in the foreground always offers an updated overview of the projects hosted, including the progress of the donations, and the status of the projects. At any time, administrators can export platform data quickly and securely.

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We chose Starteed both for the excellent service / cost ratio of the campaign, and for the possibility to customize our campaign independently. We also had excellent feedback during the campaign itself in terms of communication and management of the platform, having the opportunity to speak with a member of the Starteed team dedicated to us. This aspect has allowed us to manage any problems in a very short time. Finally, the management platform is simple and easy to use, both during the active fundraising campaign and during the subsequent reporting and data analysis phase

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